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JSM Diversity


In our humble beginnings, JSM Diversity PLLC was founded in April 2017 with the purpose of advancing humanitarian services and equal opportunities for women, people of color, and at risk Youth. Since then, we have ventured to empower and educate leaders to set the standards for what a diverse and inclusive environment is.


Whether you are a non-profit, federal entity, or any other small business, we are capable of helping you reach your diversity, equity, and inclusion needs.

Our Mission


To work with executive leadership to provide tactical insight into improving equity initiatives with diverse populations and personnel. 


To be a neutral conduit of cultural communication for organizations, providing feedback and insight on current practices and strategies to achieve a brighter future.


Develop and implement processes that benefit diversity committees, services, and departments by engaging the local community on behalf of our client with a culturally familiar approach.

Our Core Values


We make sure to treat everyone with compassion. We understand everyone has different backgrounds and levels of understanding. No matter what experience you might have you will always be met with empathy.


Two wrongs do not make a right. We will meet those who actively work against our cause with composure. In the face of adversity we will be professional and firm in our approach to creating an inclusive environment.


We make sure that our education is consistent in our teachings so that everyone has the best understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion possible.

Our Experts

Our team of consultants are experts in problem solving, cross cultural communication, and conflict resolution. Whether the goal is shifting attitudes, public perception, or growing and expanding services to diverse clientele, JSM Diversity can create a unique strategy for you.


Jennifer Miller

CEO, Founder

Founder of JSM Diversity and multiple nonprofits endeavors, Jennifer is a South Florida native and a lifelong diversity and inclusion educator and social justice advocate. Educated in Political Science and Global Studies, she has over a decade of experience leading diversity dialogues and helping human resource departments become more equitable and inclusive. 


Shellian Jacquett

Operations Manager


Jenna White

Client Relations Specialist


Ellen Morrisey

Content Strategist

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