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We're Dedicated to Our Communities.

Are you?

We provide many opportunities to get involved in your community. We can help you make a difference. Let us show you how.

Our involvement

From social justice movements to organizing travel abroad programs for at-risk youth, we've done it all! Here are some highlights of the impact on our communities in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Image by Omar Lopez

Diversify U

Diversify U is a non profit organization that provides travel and study abroad opportunities to at-risk youth. Diversify U strives to let kids who otherwise wouldn't be able to experience what the world has to offer.

Study Abroad Program for at-risk Youth

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Just ONE

The Just One campaign was launched in response to the growing racial tension across America. Through this campaign, we organized a peace walk to advocate for the support of police officers and the community united in the fight against racism in America.

During the campaign, we successfully led over 200 participants from all walks of life in a peaceful demonstration.

Social Justice Campaign for Racial Unity




We facilitate dialogue between communities and executive administrations to expand the network of local minority leaders. JSM provides a safe space for genuine expression free from aggression or hostility. We connect those with influence to the resources that support a culture of belonging.

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