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JSM Diversity. Connecting diverse businesses, with diverse opportunities.

What We Do

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When your business leverages the experience of unique individuals, unremitting success is  knocking at your door. Does your business project an attractive and marketable service or good? How well do you or your top employees understand the benefits of a well organized business plan and reliable professional network?

Whether a multi-unit cooperation or a local small business, we teach business owners and entrepreneurs to implement professional strategies that create inclusive work environments that improve performance for women owned and/or minority owned business owners. We have over 10 years of business development and networking experience. We will help you get your business registered and to understand difficult compliance expectations, and empower you to create the business culture and reputation that reflects your idea best.

How can we help you create a more concise business plan today?

Be Part of Our Conversation

“The platform you provided awarded me many opportunities and I hope to serve Tennesseans well. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of these very important conversations in hopes to make an impact for disadvantaged people and black communities nationwide.”

Tennion Reed | Tennessee Housing Development Agency, State of

Clapping Audience

To be a catalyst for minority owned and/or women owned businesses in the workplace by making space for these leaders to sustain and manage their businesses well. 


Our Vision

What We Believe In


We help your business start strong and last long.


We work with you to reach your goals. Tell us your why, we have the how covered.


Want to do something new? Great! Let us help you make your vision into a manageable income driven business.

We Want you to Be an Ally

We know that being an ally is hard. Its a lifelong responsibility that requires constant attention. But it is the best thing you can do to challenging oppression. Being an ally is an active choice; let us help you become one.

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